Sunday, 26 January 2014

Card Making

Card making has always been my first love. I can still remember dating back when I was in grade school in an art class making a valentines card that I got hooked with it. As I grow my interest with arts diversed. I got into textile painting, drawing, I even made my own comic books. Times passed and everyone I think comes into the situation where you find your way in life, discovering life as it is and with it I kind of went astray from the card making and generally arts. Even more when I got to high school and eventually college where pressure is a frontline enemy. 
Having some financial issues that time was so hard to get by especially when you are in school because part of growing up is also getting what you want. Things like this and things like that. Good thing I was a good son that I always set aside wants from needs and to always evaluate myself why I was going to school for. So yes even buying a  decent birthday card for a friend was hard. The next thing I knew I was back with card making.
My brother recently asked me a favor if I can make him a Valentines card and this is the outcome of the card.
I don't know about how you will assess the card but for me I think I made a little mistake here. One of the viewer of my card from made it clear that the background patterned paper made it a little busy to focus on the front of the card. But I still love how the way it looks.


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