Friday, 17 August 2012

Bramble Rose from My Mind's Eye

First off, I would just like to say that I have been having trouble making a video of something that I'd want to share. One reason is that I am so not good in videos with me starring and saying things. Horrible you could say. If you could check my youtube'd only find 3 videos. I edited them with a music background and captions to tell the story behind it. Oh well, moving on..yeah, I find this blogging very interesting. Somehow it makes my confidence boosted.

I went to Winners today to buy this particular paper pad from My Mind's Eye that I saw yesterday but when I got there there were so many new paper pads added and I saw a much nicier one that I happened to buy instead of the one that I saw yesterday. It's called Bramble Rose collection. It's 180 sheets of woodgrain and chevron designs. It's so gorgeous! Couldn't wait to play with it. Check it out guys! If you have a Winners store near you, you'll find awesome deals on scrapbooking. I just don't know if there are Winners in the States or in your area. Bye for now and I leave you with some photos of these beautiful patterned papers. Ciao!

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